Disneyland Treats

A few weeks ago I went for my first pilgrimage to Disneyland. A big Disney fan, I’ve been to the Floridian Disneyworld several times, but this was my first trip to California.

My husband was at a trade show so I sampled only the counter service restaurants. I can’t wait to go again and try some of the full service restaurants in California Adventure.

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café

Located in Disneyland’s Main Street, the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe – previously the Blue Ribbon Bakery – was recently renovated and rebranded to include soups and sandwiches in addition to their vast assortment of baked goods. The name is a nod to the song in Mary Poppins – “Oh, it’s a jolly holiday with Mary …”.

I ordered the Jolly Holiday Combo – grilled cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup.

Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato basil soup

I’m not normally an eater of tomato based soups, but tomato basil soup with grilled cheese is a match for kings. They brilliantly pre-cut the sandwich for easy dipping.

Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup

Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup

French Market

The French Market is a cafeteria style spot with outdoor only seating. Set in New Orleans Square, it features delectable comfort foods from the area. Of course I had to try some jambalaya. As usual, portions were massive and I couldn’t finish my meal. The delicious non-alcoholic mint julep, on the other hand, went down like a breeze – I could have had two.

Jambalaya and non-alcoholic mint julep

Every couple of hours, a trio performs New Orleans style blues, which I happened to catch. Nothing like an upright bass to make you feel like you’re in New Orleans.

Performers at the French Market in New Orleans Square

Walk with Walt Tour Lunch

My last day I took a tour of Disneyland which included a lunch from the Jolly Holiday Bakery Café. I didn’t realize this when I ate there on my first day, although I’m still glad I went for the grilled cheese. The tour’s lunch was a cold served three-cheese sandwich with grapes and a cookie. While delicious, it was not quite as deluxe as the Jolly Holiday Combo.

A particular delight was the typical Disney gorgeous presentation. My meal was labelled with an artist’s hand. What a great surprise!

Walk with Walt Tour


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